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Preventing Worksheet Deletion without workbook protection

I have a Excel project where there is a workbook with “required” worksheets (users cannot delete them) but users can add / modify other sheets.  So the workbook structure cannot be protected, yet I have to make sure these required … Continue reading

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Copying Worksheets to Other Workbooks – Shapes causing unwanted links

I have a project that copies a series of worksheets from other files to a consolidation workbook.  After the consolidation workbook is saved and closed, when it is reopened, the following message appears: This workbook contains links to other data … Continue reading

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Copying Worksheets from one Workbook to Another – Error 1004

I was working on a project using Excel 2010  where I had to copy entire worksheets from one workbook to another.  I was doing this through some vba code.  When I attempted to save the target file, I would get … Continue reading

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Add Sequence Number to a Table

There are times you want each record to have a unique identifier.  This function will add a unique sequence number to each record in any table.  It assumes you have a field in the target table that will store the sequence numbers. … Continue reading

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VBA Code: IsFile — Does a file exist?

Here is some code to determine if a file exists.  Requires reference to Microsoft Scripting Runtime.  (Error handling is commented out). Function IsFile(sFileName) As Boolean ‘—————————————————————– ‘Purpose: Checks for the existence of a file based on path/name passed in. ‘ … Continue reading

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Importing Excel into Access. Sometimes Access is too smart for its own good.

Ever try to import an Excel file into Access and find that some records were not imported because they didn’t match the field type (text, integer)?  Access tries to predict the field type based on the data it sees and … Continue reading

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Keys to a Successful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems Implementation — Are you installing a new ERP system? Read our top ten (well, actually eleven) keys to a successful Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation project.

  1.    Establish Clear Business Objectives. A large-scale systems implementation affects the entire business.  It is a very expensive undertaking that should ultimately pay off with reduced costs, new capabilities to meet market requirements and / or the creation of … Continue reading

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Lost those leading zeros in Excel / Access?

You’ve imported data into your Excel sheet or Access application and those important leading zeros got lost.  For example, your 5 digit zip code (04231) is now only 4 digits (4231). Here’s a simple formula to get back the zeros: … Continue reading

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Len Function – Does not work the same in Excel and SQL Server!

A colleague of mine was having a problem with Excel.  He had imported data from a SQL Server database.  When he created a pivot table with the data, one of the data elements displayed twice.  For example, let’s say the field … Continue reading

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Placing the Worksheet Name in a cell in Excel

There are times when you have a large number of worksheets in your Excel Workbook and you want the Worksheet name to also be included in a cell on the Worksheet.  This may be for presentation purposes or just simply to place a … Continue reading

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